Diamond White Quartz

White Quartz Tiles in various sizes

Our white quartz tiles have a surface covered in sparkly mirror pieces and are perfect for creating a decorative style on walls and floors. There are a variety of sizes to choose between, which are; 300x300mm, 600x600mm, 400x400mm, 600x300mm in addition to mosaic varieties.

Polished White Quartz

This polished white quartz tile is not only acquired for home decors but is also popular for shops and restaurants. Light reflects from the surface of these premium tiles to produce a starburst effect. If you are looking for a tile which can really bring your bathroom or kitchen to life then we highly recommend this Jewelstone White Quartz Tile.

Premium Sparkly Quartz

Quartz has a low rate of moisture absorption and can be cleaned and maintained with ease. You can order a sample of these white quartz tiles to see how they fit within your chosen design. Any use of quartz within a high thermal environment including with underfloor heating or in rooms exposed to natural sunlight like sunrooms, conservatories and outdoor areas is at your own risk. Latex based adhesives should also be avoided.

Sizes Available

Tile Size:
Mosaic Size:
(48x48mm Squares)

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